All about Mammutico Foam™


Here you can find everything you need to know about Mammutico foam which is used to make our blocks. Apart from all the certificates information about raw materials you will find here cleaning and disinfecting instructions.

Tests and certificates 

Mammutico foam has been tested by many labs and certification institutes including TUV, Rheinland, Intertek, Sychta, and Polish Sport Institute. Mammutico sets meet all the necessary health and safety requirements which is proven by the declaration of compliance attached to every purchased product.

Our close cooperation with the Centre of Playground Safety in Poland also guarantees the highest possible standard.

Mammutico Foam features

It is safe, durable, and very resistant material which can be used for many years without any problems. The foam is also waterproof and dries very quickly. It doesn’t fade in the sunlight. It is resistant to sand abrasion and scratching and can be used in any weather conditions as well as cleaned and disinfected with both everyday use cleaning products and specialised disinfection substances used by medical institutions.

All our blocks feel nice when you touch them, and they are ultra-light which makes them very safe product for children at all age.

Mammutico Foam™ is:

 1. Waterproof

  You can use it in the garden or in the bath tube



 2. Quick-drying

 Our blocks get dry very quickly



 3. Ultra - light 

 It makes is very safe product for children at all age



 4. Easily cleaned 

 Just wipe them with a cloth and they are ready to use



 5. Nice in touch  

 Nice material without sharp edges and rough surfaces which can harm skin. It can be easily shaped   and formed even in small hands.



 6. Frost-resistant 

 It can be used even in winter. After 24 hours in a freezer the freezer will not change the colour,   texture and it will always remain equally good.



 7. Sand-resistant

 The blocks have no holes, cracks and hard-to-reach hollows which makes them perfect to use   outdoors without worrying about residual dirt.



 8. UV resistant  

 No matter how long you expose the Mammutico foam to the sunlight it remains unchanged.



Mammutico foam durability

It is one of the most spectacular features of our product. You can twist, bend, and press our blocks as much as you want, and they will remember their original shape. In spite of being flexible the material is very dense, and because of that you can walk or even jump on it and still be sure it will not break, hollow or crack.


Cleaning Mammutico Foam

Loose parts of every set as well as the plastic package can be cleaned with water and gentle solution of water and soap. Disinfection substances based on alcohol or steam cleaners are also allowed. In order to remove stains a gentle sponge can be used. Using strong cleaning substances based (based on chlorine for example) is not recommended due to children health and safety. The potential risk factors of every cleaning product should be carefully checked beforehand on a small part of a block.

More details concerning cleaning and disinfection the foam can be found here?