BlocoLoco w Krakowie


Another BlocoLoco room has started. This time in Krakow. It is really special, that's why we wanted to tell you about it.

BlocoLoco in Krakow was established on the outskirts of the city, near a larger housing estate. The choice of location turned out to be really good. Although restrictions related to Covid-19 stood in the way of opening, local residents waited several months for the opening and began to visit the playroom in large numbers as soon as it was launched. At first, only the gastronomic part was available, but after a few weeks, the rest of the classes started.


Only good feedback

Finally, the residents of the neighborhood have their own meeting place. The restaurant is open 7 days a week. Adults can arrange a coffee or good food, while children play with blocks in a safe place. However, if the parents want to spend time with their children playing, no problem. This place is very popular with local customers. Here are some opinions posted on the BlocoLoco Kraków fanpage:

“A very nice playroom, not balls, but an interesting proposition that stimulates creativity. 5 by 5 "

“A great birthday party for a child at BlocoLoco. The guests are delighted with the fun ”.

“A very nice place for both parents and children, even the smallest. I recommend! "

“Very nice atmosphere in the place and delicious ice cream! We definitely recommend it! "

“A very nice atmosphere, the owners' excellent approach to our children is very nice, the family atmosphere, the decor and equipment are tastefully selected and friendly for children. Hmmm, the menu is varied and tasty, ice cream unique in its flavors. In a word, keep it that way "

"Very nice atmosphere, nice food and great service attitude"


Wide offer

The offer of Krakow's BlocoLoco, in addition to the gastronomic part and a place to play with large blocks, includes a lot of other activities. There are of course creative workshops for groups, birthdays and summer camps as well as winter holidays. Sports enthusiasts also cannot complain - both small and large. The list of activities includes ballroom dancing, belly dancing, tabata, healthy spine, stratching, pilates, zumba for children and yoga for children. The owners are very flexible, and the offer of this place is created and responds to the current needs of the residents.


SIMPLE English course

From September, children aged 4 to 10 can sign up for English lessons. The course is called SIMPLE English and all lessons are conducted without books and notebooks!

Children come to classes and learn to communicate in a foreign language by playing with the big blocks. During the lesson, they make a stage design and props needed to perform tasks related to the topic of the class, e.g. a table in a restaurant, a counter in a shop, a ticket office, a train station, a doctor's office, a wardrobe, clothes, etc.

In such an arrangement, the little students fully empathize with the given situation. This makes it easier for them to remember words and communicate in full sentences. Children follow lexical topics and use grammatical expressions following the teacher, according to a specific schedule.

You can find more on this topic in the SIMPLE English teaching method tab.

If you ever visit Krakow, we cordially invite you to BlocoLoco - located at ul. Domagały 45. Mammutico blocks can also be found in the city center, in the Museum of Municipal Engineering. As soon as Covid-19 gives up, you will certainly have fun again in the Museum's Creativity Zone.


Edit 20.01.2021: Unfortunately, due to restrictions caused by Covid-19, the owners of the BlocoLoco room didn't manage to maintain financial liquidity and were forced to close the local permanently.

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