Cleaning and disinfection of pads


One of the most frequently asked questions before buying Mammutico pads concerns cleaning and disinfection. This is quite understandable, given the current situation with the Covid 19 virus. Although the topic has always been quite important for owners of kindergartens and playrooms, the way of cleaning has never influenced the decision to buy blocks. Now, an important argument before you make the purchase is the question of disinfection and keeping the product clean.

Cleaning and disinfection of Mammutico pads

The information you will find in each instruction manual accompanying our products says: “The loose components of the Mammutico ™ kits and the plastic packaging (if any) can be washed with water, a mild soap solution, alcohol-based disinfectants or a steam cleaner. A delicate sponge can be used to remove stains or dirt. Due to the safety of children, the use of strong cleaning agents (e.g. based on chlorine) is not recommended. The effect of the cleaning agent should be checked beforehand on a small part of the block.


The content of the above information is clear and transparent. The attached video also leaves no room for doubt. Nevertheless, Mammutico blocks are quite large and come in large sets. Therefore, it is worth considering how it looks in practice. The fastest disinfection method is to spray the blocks with a disinfectant. Depending on the type of detergent, you will need to wipe each pad with a cloth. Washing bricks and larger wafers will not be a problem, but for smaller parts a bathtub or a children's pool will work. Then you can add a disinfectant or just soap to the water.

Mammutico Foam does not absorb water and dries very quickly, so you do not have to wait too long for the effect of clean blocks ready to play. To speed up the drying process, simply wipe the surface of the pad with a dry cloth.

The huge selection of disinfectants prevents us from checking all available products, so we recommend that you always check their operation on a small fragment of the block. We haven't found a product that has damaged or discoloured the foam structure, but everyone should find out for themselves.

If you have additional questions related to washing, cleaning and disinfection, please contact us!

Mammutico team