How does the ball track work?


The Ball Track set is a new offer from 2018. When we were opening our first BlocoLoco playroom in September, we decided that the Ball Track will be one of the four types of blocks which we will make available for our little customers.

The choice of this set was a hit! While other blocks let children to play freely, building many new and innovative constructions, the Ball Track calmed them down, forcing them to think for a while.

Foam Ball Track blocks is a set which consists of 34 elements in 9 different shapes. There are various pieces of the track: long and short ones, high and short ones, straight and curved ones, even and steep ones, exposed and covered ones. Using these pieces, which can be combined in various configurations, children may build a track for balls.

The Ball Track is a creative and engaging set. Not each arrangement of blocks makes it possible for a ball to roll from start to finish. Small children, who do not know the rules of physics yet, draw simple conclusions on their own, while playing. They start to understand that the start must be located higher than the finish and that even elements and too many turns slow down the rolling ball. In case of this set construction of a track on which a ball will go to finish will be a real challenge. You can observe a lot of emotions on faces of children who try again and again to achieve their goal and after the twentieth change of combination put a ball on the track, hoping it will roll to the very end...

Foam Ball Track set of blocks will be a great choice for kindergartens and other educational institutions. Each of the elements is as big as it will not disappear among other toys in a playroom. Besides, the elements are very light and durable. Very small children who do not see a sense of raising a track, may build high towers, tables, stools or houses, using the same parts.

The Ball Track is compatible with every Simple set, as its supplementation and variation.  If you want to get to know more, call us: 508 140 692 or visit our STORE.