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Mammutico Mini are gaining more and more fans! The blocks in this series are great for organizing various workshops in larger children's groups, but above all, parents like them. And that's what makes us very happy :)

Until recently, you could only read about Mammutico Mini foam blocks on our website. The product is relatively new, because it appeared on sale at the end of 2017. Half a year later, we decided to summarize our activities and see who liked them, who wrote about them on blogs and how they won the hearts of the youngest customers.

Below are some selected accounts that allow us to believe that Mammutico Mini is a really interesting, educational and unique product.

"Simple things like raising children"

Daria Jóźwicka on her parenting blog "I'll be right back" described our blocks as a toy that plays and supports its development through creative play - a game in which parents also take part. It according to the authors have a good way of raising children and we fully agree with this thesis.

"It is not easy to build simple things and symmetrical geometric figures from these blocks. This unique surprise effect, however, is the reason why children like them so much. Free fun combined with children's imagination is a really interesting and useful time for every child (...) ".

See photos of Daria and her children having fun together


"City at night - what you can create from blocks"

On the "Family Under the Current" blog you can read a very extensive review of our blocks. Monika Wilk and her son decided to build a city at night, followed by bravely cars zaig zag mcqueen. In addition to the original ideas of the "Family" you will also find tests of our games supporting sensory development and small motor skills in children. A lot of interesting photos and even more inspiration - we like such reviews!

"We have been testing foam puzzles recently. Until now, I thought it was only for young children. But I found an alternative for those a little older. Maks likes the squeezing of these small parts the most. He is so focused and quiet. If not my child. He also likes to constantly create some robots (...) ".

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"Mammutico blocks with creativity included"

Aneta Kowalska, the creator of the blog "Świat Karinka" spotted our blocks from a large range of products for children during the international "Toy Time" toy fair. It is not surprising - our stand was different than all others. We are glad that little Noam liked the Mini series and we wish him even more successful combinations :)

"When in February I was able to visit the Kids Time Kielce trade fair, among many stands I spotted these blocks, and I immediately knew that it would be the perfect toy for my son. Well, nobody knows your child as well as his parent, so I won't surprise you by saying that I was right. These blocks are made of very nice foam, they are soft, light and pleasant to the touch. Building them is very simple, and one of the things the child needs outside of them is the imagination to create their own ideas. At first, Noam created standard solids, and later he really started to combine. "

Agata's fun forotelation is available on the website


"Mammutico Foam Blocks - surprising shapes"

This is a very honest and also specific opinion posted on the blog of the online store We were very pleased with the favorable opinion, especially regarding the foam quality:

"(...) At first glance, they differ in color. Usually children's toys are colorful, cheerful, even flashy. And these? These have calm colors. One set is one color.
In addition, Mammutico Mini blocks are made of very solid foam. When you hold them in your hand, you just feel that they have a long shelf life. They can be bent without fear of breaking. Although the foam is soft, it is not easy to damage it (...) "

chłopiec układa piankowe klocki Mammutico

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Thank you very much to all mothers who shared information about our blocks on blogs. Thank you also for the positive reviews on our website and photos sent from satisfied customers whose children loved our little foam wonders.

Keep your fingers crossed with us to let Mammutico Mini win even more fans ... because they are really a super toy!