Mini blocks at creative workshops


Some time ago we added to our offer such big sets as Mini 1000 and Mini 2000. In this way we started offering our smallest blocks which had been earlier available only for individual customers.

Each Mini set consists of blocks in nine different shapes. The smallest set, 115, consists of 115 elements, including 85 small cubes. Each next set is a multiple of the smallest one.

Big sets of foam Mini blocks are a perfect solution for organizers of block workshops and other activities that are supposed to develop creativity and  fine motor skills. Mini is one of the four types of blocks available in our first BlocoLoco playroom. During classes with the use of huge blocks, such as Simple or Smart, children got really energetic and then had to be calmed down during more peaceful games. Small elements were perfect for this. Kids focused on building, at the same time relaxing and having good time.

The example above is of course not the only way to use our Mini blocks. 1000 and 2000 sets are usually sold to kindergartens and playrooms where it is allowed to organize activities for children who are 3 years old or older. Soft and flexible foam which is also pleasant to touch make these blocks ideal for activities aiming to develop fine motor skills. Practising these skills, children often paint, cut or stick things, and if there are Mini blocks available, they also enjoy building.

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