Parents like big blocks too!


We are still writing about the advantages of Mammutico blocks. Our words are confirmed by children who play with our blocks with joy. We also have a number of positive opinions from specialists who had the opportunity to use our large blocks in their work with children (we recommend the expert opinions tab). But what do parents think about our product? We meet them at picnics, we see them sitting over coffee while the children play with Mammutico blocks in the playroom; we also pass them in schools and kindergartens, where Mammutico blocks are available for students during classes and during free play.

What parents say about us?

We often ask parents whose children have had or have contact with Mammutico blocks what they think about our product. We ask in person, through teachers, playroom employees or facility directors. It turns out there is a group of parents who only know that their children were enjoying the fun. Of course it's nice to hear it, but we're always trying to find out more. Thanks to our efforts, we were able to meet parents who can immediately list the advantages of Mammutico blocks and can relate them to the behavior and reactions of their children. Get to know them and read the stories they told us.

Kamila, Adrian's mother (7 years old)

“My child finds it difficult to communicate with peers. He loves to play, but if there are too many children around, he withdraws and closes in on himself. Then he only observes without interacting with others.

“I was really surprised to see that he was acting very differently while playing with the giant blocks at the picnic. Sometimes it takes him up to half an hour to join the game, and this time he just started building ... At first he was alone, then he added more parts to the buildings of other children, and at the end he planned the next moves together with the children he did not even know. He seemed very happy and relaxed, it was fun to watch. "


Agnieszka, Amelka's mother (6 years old)

“Sometimes on the playground I see Amelka getting bored, especially in areas that are supposed to be very safe. Now these places are different from the playgrounds we used to play at as children. Yes, it was probably less safe, but also more opportunities for fun.

In my opinion, playgrounds have become so safe that they are no longer demanding in terms of physical skills and the development of imagination. As for me, the block playground in Amelka's kindergarten has a lot of advantages. It is definitely safe, but at the same time it offers unlimited possibilities. Of course, it's hard to climb among blocks, but kids can get really tired by building all these amazing things!

Interestingly, when Amelka comes back from kindergarten, she often tells me what happened at the playground - what and how she built and what she played with her friends, who she was and what inventions she created today. It just shows how much fun she enjoys playing with these blocks. "


Magda, Piotr's mother (4 years old)

“My son is closed in on himself, he develops much slower than his peers. Very rarely do I see him interact with other children or take the initiative to do something himself.

Today I saw him play with children he doesn't know and he didn't need his siblings to do so. I saw him take the initiative to do a project by himself without asking for directions. This sight was an amazing experience for me! I am very proud of him that he did something on his own, without asking me or his brothers for help.

I was very worried about his slow development and emotional problems, but since we started coming here regularly (ie to the playroom with Mammutico blocks) my fears are not so great anymore. It's really nice to see how it changes and blooms for several dozen minutes at least a few times a week ”.


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