Imagination Playground - Big Blocks Angles

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  • Net Price: 15,845.53 zł 19,490.00 zł


„Imagination Playground - Big Blocks Angles” is an additional set which consists of 46  blocks.

One set of blocks includes: 30 blocks in 9 various shapes, 8 foam noodles, 2 plugs and 6 balls.



These blocks are ideal for groups of even the youngest children – aged 2.


The main set of blocks, "Big Block Set 105", can be stored in the two trolleys especially prepared for this aim. In order to store each set safely and comfortably you will need an extra trolley! This is a price list of IP brand sets with trolleys for storage and without them. If you want to buy the main set without trolleys or the additional set with trolleys, contact our sales department. 

Name Storage Price without trolley Price with trolley
Big Block Set 105 2 trolleys 31 900 pln 44 900 pln
Big Block łuki 1 trolley 15 490 pln 22 490 pln
Big Block kąty 1 trolley 15 490 pln 22 490 pln


Imagination Playground is a mobile play system which consists of big blue blocks in many unique shapes and sizes.

These blocks are ideal for groups of even the youngest children – aged 2.

Using IP blocks, children build a new world every day. They create shapes of animals, spaceships, cars and robots. They build houses, factories and cities. They invent amazing stories and set rules of games. And they can do this all on their own, without help and intervention of adults.


One basic set of blocks consists of various figures in such shapes as cubes, cylinders, bricks and gears.

The additional set – Angles consists of 46 additional parts which give children even more possibilities of creating various shapes.

The parts from both sets are loose, but they have holes and shapes that fit one another perfectly.