Competence development

Mammutico bricks give a chance to safely and variously support the children's development, enriching their sensory, social and intellectual experiences.

Here is a list of the most important skills that your child can practice while playing with Mammutico blocks.



 Thanks to the regulation of grip, participation of both hands and the involvement of sight, the child   stimulates visual-motor coordination and proprioception, that is, the sense of orientation of the positioning  of the body parts.



 The shapes of blocks stimulate the imagination in various ways, since it is not always easy to build what we   had in mind at the beginning :) Lack of instructions, tips and suggestions suggestions leave children free to  play however they like.



 Varied shape of blocks, diverse size, friendly texture, and especially a springy surface - these factors all  have great impact on dexterity in hand and fingers!




 Contrasting colors of blocks or protruding elements of the same color sensitize the children's visual system  and exercise their perceptiveness.




 Mammutico blocks, like any other puzzle, execrcise logical thinking in children, allowing them to create  planned elements. Additionally, in the case of our bricks, there are no instructions, plus the buildings can  be both flat and spatial.



 Non-obvious shapes of our blocks and surprising structures support exercises in the ability to think  effectively in unpredictable and uncertain situations. Children exercise the ability to use their own  knowledge they have acquired so far.