Smart 230 “The GREAT Expedition”

This is a set of great foam puzzles, which thanks to special profiled patterns allows you to build countless complex structures. Thanks to their large size, foam puzzles engage the whole body, allow you to practice precision, dexterity, balance and strength.

For this set of blocks we have a script for 20 inspirational games that can be the basis for creative workshops or animations. Thanks to this, having fun, it can stimulate children to look at the project more broadly, help draw conclusions and encourage creative thinking.

The great foam puzzle, thanks to interesting shapes and diversified size, is an attraction for children in itself. Children love to play with blocks, and having them available in such an unprecedented size, they are happy to take free time, letting their imagination run wild!

Smart 440 “The GREAT Expedition” will satisfy the creative needs of a group of up to 20 people. The minimum area on which children can freely play with this size set is 20m2.


  • 80 waffles in 10 different shapes
  • 108 noodles in 6 different lengths (the longest one: 100 cm long),
  • 200 cubes (5cm x 5cm x 5cm),
  • 80 blocks in 12 various shapes.


SMART 440 is our most popular set, which is perfect for picnics during free play as well as organized activities and workshops.







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