What are the play scenarios for?


When we started selling the first Mammutico sets a few years ago, we already knew that these were blocks that were used for creative, interesting, wise and crazy fun at the same time. When we tested the first set from the SMART line with children, we saw what fun it is to play with such large elements. The ability to build something really big and freedom of action was the greatest asset for the kids. They didn't need instruction or adult help to create something amazing.

Why do we need workshop scenarios?

So why add scripts when children have so much fun without them? We, adults, need this tool. We need them to systematize play time, introduce order and find inspiration to conduct classes. First of all, properly conducted games based on scenarios prepared by us may encourage children to develop creative skills, learn through adventure and cooperate with a group.

The fun proposals we have prepared for the sets of large SMART and SIMPLE blocks are not a step-by-step instruction through the stages of play. Instead, they are a wise clue and inspiration. A short introduction to each workshop aims to take children into the world of fantasy focused on a specific topic. Then everything is in the hands of the participants of the game. The role of the tutor is to moderate the work of children, advise during construction and keep order. The tutor is a companion, observer, and good advisor rather than a performer.

Acquiring Skills!

Each workshop helps children acquire a number of social skills and knowledge on various topics from the world around us. Such information can be found in the summary of individual games. Thanks to this, the tutor can choose appropriate topics to the needs of the group. For example, if the class is not very harmonious, it may be useful to suggest collaborative activities. Other skills include: developing creativity, dealing with emotions, overcoming fear of public speaking, taming with anxiety, memory exercises, physical movement, and many other valuable skills to support children's development.

 We have sets of workshop scenarios in Polish and English. Each set includes 20 games   dedicated to a specific line of blocks. SMART blocks provide more design options and   allow you to create more complex structures. Bricks from the SIMPLE line, in turn,   have other advantages: thanks to them, you can easily and quickly build really large   buildings, labyrinths, tunnels and houses loved by children.



Below you will find examples of games for both sets


Play scenarios for various occasions

The play scenarios included with the sets of SMART and SIMPLE foam blocks are an ideal tool for tutors and teachers. At the customer's special request, we can create a thematic play set. We do it in cooperation with educators and specialists who work with children on a daily basis.
We invite you to cooperation!

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