Our mission

Our mission is to create a safe, friendly
and creative space for children and adults.

We develop imagination and creativity by supporting cooperation.


We are parents ourselves and we know how important it is to provide children with inspiring and engaging fun. Therefore, an idea was born in our heads to create something that allows to develop imagination, engage in creativity and play, and at the same time is safe and modern.

Everything about our work has to do with the safety of children. The beginning of this mission was the creation of Centrum Kontroli Placów Zabaw (Center of playground inspection). We have always wanted the playground to be a safe place where everyone can feel comfortable. Our knowledge and experience gained over the years at CKPZ made us decide to bring to the world a project that fully meets the needs of children, adults and those who watch over their safety. So we found a happy medium that brought peace and satisfaction to adults, but did not limit the fun and the possibility of using children's energy and imagination.

Our huge foam blocks combine great fun with absolute safety - that was the task and we know we did it well.

Mammutico™blocks are very big, beautiful and functional, and their capabilities are only determined by the limits of imagination.

Mammutico available to everyone

We are currently implementing the last stage of our mission - to provide safe and creative fun for all children. We are sure that the large Mammutico blocks will soon become a symbol of good fun for children and parents' peace of mind.

We are working to make kindergartens, schools, playgrounds and all places where children are in the centre more friendly, comfortable and safer. Now you can check the list of playrooms, culture centers, museums and clubs for children where you can safely play with our blocks! We also recommend the ever-increasing number of educational institutions, that trusted us and expanded their offer with Mammutico classes.