What blocks to buy for kindergarten?

Which blocks are best for kindergarten? These are, of course, huge Mammutico® blocks, thanks to which children will completely transform the playground or adopt blocks for the playroom. Now it's time for the specifics of choosing a set of bricks:

Mammutico® SMART - these are the first and most universal foam wafers invented in Mammutico® - pasta will help you connect elements and together with cubes will be useful for decorating various structures.
Mammutico® SIMPLE - these large foam bricks, pillars and windows will give the fastest results and the most joy from construction.
Mammutico® PERFECT - these are blocks for long hours of construction fun. Thanks to the provided instructions, children will quickly discover the hidden possibilities offered by these foam construction blocks.
Mammutico® MINI - Mammutico® Mini foam wafers are not that small! These blocks support fine motor exercises and have construction potential straight from the Smart line.

Blocks for sensory integration, revalidation and children on the autism spectrum.

All Mammutico® foam blocks will prove themselves as blocks for revalidation and support for sensory integration classes or in autism therapy.

Safe blocks with a certificate for kindergarten.

Our huge giga blocks are light and pleasant to the touch, have no elements that can hurt the skin, are resistant to mold and dry quickly. All blocks are delivered with the CE Declaration of Conformity. You can also download the Mammutico Foam™ test results in the "attachments" tab at the bottom of each product page.