Smart 345 "JOURNEY to stars"

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Smart 345 “JOURNEY to stars”

“I wonder whether the stars are set alight in heaven
so that one day each one of us may find his own again?”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince)


The blocks are 5 cm thick and can be put together both on the flat surface and in space.

Smart 345 "JOURNEY to stars" set consists of 402 elements and 300 cubes. The set includes:

  • 120 waffles in 10 different shapes,
  • 162 noodles in 6 different shapes (the longest one: 100 cm long),
  • 120 blocks in 12 various shapes
  • 300 cubes (5cm x 5cm x 5cm).

Smart 345 "JOURNEY to stars" set will fulfil creative needs of a group up to 30 children. The minimum area on which children may play freely with a set of this size is 30 m2.

Smart 345 is a four-colour set. You may choose from 6 colours available in our palette. Check available colours

The Smart 345 set is a combination of the Smart 115 and Smart 230 sets.

The largest set from Smart line will fit into three Mammutico bags created for easier and safer storage of blocks. The bag is sold separately.

The weight of the set is about 60 kg.

The product is recommended for children aged 1 or more.


Thanks to a bigger Mammutico set of blocks everything is possible – you can even build a space station or an interstellar ship designed by yourself! If your imagination is rich enough, you may even create your own planet! Foam Mammutico blocks have a few forms enabling free and creative putting them together in order to make simple or complicated structures.



The benefits of gigantic foam blocks

Thanks to their big size foam puzzles engage a whole body and let you practise precision, agility, balance and strength. Using these blocks, children create their own scenarios. Now children may play endlessly as the simplicity of forms let children give the blocks any function and meaning. 

Playing with gigantic blocks, children instinctively learn how to organise space around them. They independently create new strategies and plan subsequent moves. During construction it is important not only to concentrate on what you do, but also on cooperation with other children.

Small weight of individual blocks together with their big dimensions and a possibility to connect them smoothly make it easy for even children with movement disorders to create structures that seem to go beyond their capacities. It is a great form of physical exercises supported by internal motivation, that is a will to play.  Giant blocks help children develop their ability to grab objects, sense of balance and coordination of eyes and hands during creation of, for example, a special route with obstacles for crawling, climbing and jumping.



Together with SMART blocks set you will receive a scenario for 20 inspirational plays that may be a basis for creative workshops or animations. The document contains a detailed description of each play, the way of organising it, as well as meaning of all activities. Thanks to this an animator may inspire children to look at a project from a wider perspective, help them to draw conclusions and encourage them to think creatively.

A set of blocks with a scenario is an ideal tool for game animators. The blocks, thanks to transportation possibilities, may be used at various events – birthdays, weddings, First Communion parties, picnics and so on.


Use loose parts to spark children’s creativity and innovation! Our Blocks help unlock children's imagination and curiosity, and turn any space into into a play area that feels so much bigger than it really is!



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