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One shape, an innovative way of connecting, endless construction possibilities - these are PERFECT blocks. A complete novelty on the Polish market!




The PERFECT 300 set consists of 300 elements. All blocks in the PERFECT™ series are the same. Each is 49 x 9.8 x 4.9 cm and has three holes where you can put more blocks. 

There is a filling with dimensions of 9.8 x 4.9 x 4.9 cm in each opening. These additional elements can perform several important functions. The most important feature is the possibility to connect two bricks. The second is blocking. By inserting the element vertically or horizontally into the holes of the block, we prevent the structure from „sliding”. The fillings are also decorations, and they perfectly stabilize the blocks that are the basis of a larger building.

The blocks are made of flexible foam, so they can be bent and twisted as required, as they will eventually „return” to their original shape.

The industrial design of the blocks is registered and legally protected.


Two-color sets are available as standard: yellow and gray, which we usually have in stock. Red, blue and green versions are made to order, depending on the size of the set.

Below we present examples of various and non-obvious combinations of blocks as well as some ideas of using the fillings:



Two-color yellow+gray sets are available as a standard and we usually have some in stock.

Red, blue and green versions are made to order, depending on the size of the set


PERFECT 40 is a set that can be played freely by two people.

The product is intended for children from 1 year of age.



The PERFECT™ line consists of one type of block with fillings. The only difference between the sets is the number of elements.

The main feature of these bricks is simplicity. Their shape gives you infinite variants of constructions! The structures are created in stages, when children discover new possibilities of connecting elements and the flexibility of the blocks during the game.

While playing, the largest set takes up the entire space, but when folded, it takes up much less space. Each set comes with we a guide with some sample structures, and ways of creating them. The instructions are a great tip to discover the possibilities of the blocks, but most of all they are a perfect tool for animators and teachers.
PERFECT™ blocks, like all Mammutico® products, prove themselves when playing indoors, outdoors and in the water.


PERFECT blocks are an ideal product for institutions such as kindergarten, school or community center. They are large, comfortable, and individual elements will not get lost. Despite the large number of blocks in the set, they can be easily folded into one place by stacking one on top of the other or combined into a compact block that will not fall apart after one knockdown.

PERFECT foam sets will be perfect for casual play during breaks, but also as a tool for creative workshops or activities at the common room. Like all Mammutico blocks, the PERFECT sets will also be perfect for activities in the garden and on the pitch. In a swimming pool, compact and unconventional floating structures can become an unusual obstacle course, goal or a floating net for ball games.


PERFECT blocks are construction sets, but the level of advancement of the building and the way of playing varies greatly depending on the age of the users.

The youngest children usually build simple and easy things. It is important for them to be able to play right away because toddlers have no patience with complex constructions. The greatest fun for them are toys made on their own from two or three bricks. A hammer, a cross and a sword are very popular. An interesting option is also a dragonfly, a vacuum cleaner, a plane, a small gate, a fire, and even a straight path ...
From forty bricks, we managed to build various animals, dollhouses, a scooter, a helicopter, a motorbike, a plane, a boat, an armor, a humanlike figure, and a solid (utility) chair with a backrest.

Older children usually start with the construction of a house or base. They can use the instructions included in the kit. Often there are also ideas for some square objects (an armor, chests, furniture, a robot, a giant telephone, etc.) and for undefined structures made of basic connections.
Using this set we have built, among others a teepee tent (you can find it at the end of the catalog), famous landmarks such as BIG BEN or the Palace of Culture, a choo-choo with one wagon, chairs, stools and sunbeds, a town with houses and finally a large cog wheel that can roll on the floor!

Even the simplest instructions give children tips on how to build a wheel for a car, a round roof, an arch and other non-obvious shapes. At almost every stage of the instruction for a slightly more complicated building, children can make up some other interesting items. The most popular are various bases and houses, and these can be converted from almost all larger buildings.
The set consisting of 160 bricks allows you to build, for example, a large tunnel, an igloo, and a house with a roof. We have managed to build a lot of reconstructions, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Royal Castle, and the Triumphal Arch. The list also includes a variety of vehicles that children can enter and move around by supporting them at their sides. The most impressive, however, is the Eiffel Tower reaching the ceiling and a ball with an opening, which can accommodate up to three children!



PERFECT bricks can be used in two ways. The first is free play, the second is to follow the instructions.

Thanks to the instructions, children can recreate ready-made ideas such as cars, faiths, tunnels, furniture, instruments, etc. Following the instructions develops manual dexterity, and connecting facts in young children has a positive effect on the still not fully formed mind.

The manual is also a great introduction or fun step. Like every manufacturer's proposal, sooner or later the building will be modified and improved by a small constructor. In turn, in times of stagnation or lack of fresh ideas, tips and suggestions from the list will be an ideal element supporting the continuity of the group's activities.

In our opinion, PERFECT blocks will constitute the foundation of the future career of architecture designers :)


Use loose parts to spark children’s creativity and innovation! Our Blocks help unlock children's imagination and curiosity, and turn any space into into a play area that feels so much bigger than it really is!




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