We set off with a special partner program to build the BlocoLoco ™ game room network - join us!

Playrooms are a very popular and profitable business. Playgrounds for kids grow like mushrooms after rain! Revenues of such places are based mainly on individual clients and on the organization of family events. The cost of building a traditional playroom often exceeds PLN 1,000 per square meter.

Now imagine that you are the owner of the BlocoLoco ™ room, whose offer allows you to use the attractions of a typical Playroom and easily transfer them directly to kindergarten, school or any other place where your trained animators carry out super creativity workshops, creative competitions and a lot of other engaging games.

In addition, you become a regional, exclusive distributor of Mammutico products, generating attractive income resulting from sales commissions.

The investment in the BlocoLoco ™ room will not exceed PLN 700 per square meter, thanks to which you will achieve the benefits with less expenses!


The first room under the BlocoLoco banner already operates in the Center for Culture and Sport in Pruszków. It is not big, but thanks to the attractive and distinctive offer based on playing large Mammutico blocks, it enjoys great interest among the city's residents.



The educational offer of the BlocoLoco block room included, among others, English course. In these classes children learn the language through play - they start the imagination and create their own world in which learning is only a pleasure.



English language course SIMPLE English with Mammutico blocks is our next project that opens up new possibilities for using big blocks! If you are interested in organizing such activities in your playroom - contact us! We have professionally prepared scenarios for English teachers and teachers.


If you want to be the leader of our program, call the creator and owner of BlocoLoco ™ now:

Dominik Berliński

Tel. +48 508 140 692


Program details: download the BlocoLoco ™ Franchise Prospectus