SMART Mobile Wall

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Dedicated to all sets from the SMART line! It increases the attractiveness of blocks, develops imagination and provides a lot of fun while playing.



The SMART Mobile Wall consists of 3 elements:

  1. Vertical plywood with a circle (outermost) for 7 holes horizontally and 11 vertically. Element dimensions approximately 800x1180 mm.
  2. Vertical plywood without a circle (outermost) with 7 holes horizontally and 11 vertically. Element dimensions approximately 800x1180 mm.
  3. Horizontal plywood with a circle (middle) with 11 holes horizontally and 8 vertically. Element dimensions approximately 1500x880 mm.

In total, the wall has 224 holes for cubes, pasta etc. and 2 holes for wheels. The circular openings can also be used to walk through, look at, view, and feed all the building materials you need.

The wall is made of waterproof plywood with a minimum thickness of 20mm. The outer layer is a transparent varnish or a color - to choose from. The wall can be used indoors or outdoors. (the material is resistant to weather conditions).

Warranty 5 years!

There are four possible ways of arranging SMART Mobile Wall.


The SMART Mobile Wall is a product dedicated to the SMART line sets. It has specially dimensioned holes, which perfectly fit cubes, pasta and all other shapes of blocks from this series. Thanks to the appropriate height of the holes in the wall, even the largest puzzles can be attached vertically. Such stable walls will be an ideal structure for a house, a car, or a fence.

More possibilities

The SMART Mobile Wall can be simply described as "the largest, base brick in the SMART set". The stability of the wall enables having fun even the youngest children who still have difficulties with the appropriate adjustment of the blocks. Thanks to the wall, buildings can be larger and more durable! Building a two-story house with a roof will only take a moment. A tunnel or a shop window with several dozen shelves can also be easily created.

The four possible settings of the mobile wall will certainly diversify your everyday fun. The space under the wall and round holes are additional holes that can be squeezed through, handed blocks, or used to build a mine, pipeline, cave or an obstacle course!

Additional advantages of the wall

A large number of holes in the wall means that even the smallest SMART set allows you to creat structures that were previously unattainable due to the smaller number of blocks.

Thanks to the wall, each SMART set can be played by more children than suggested in the product description.

The symmetrical arrangement of the holes in the wall allows coding games to be played.

The presence of a wall has one more important advantage - playing with blocks usually takes place within the wall, which helps to maintain order and control children playing in the dedicated space.