BlocoLoco in Pruszków

Blocoloco room in the Culture and Sports Centre in Pruszków was open for 10 months in 2018. It was opened by us – the creators of Mammutico company. Opening this room, we had a few important aims in mind. We managed the room ourselves in order to get as much experience as possible and to learn more about our products, get feedback about BlocoLoco offer and see the reactions of children and their parents.

In Pruszków we offered:

The main offer was SIMPLE English language course for four age groups: kids younger than 3, preschoolers, kids from grades 1-3 and adults. Because BlocoLoco in Pruszków had one big room we did not offer a possibility of free play, because the room was mainly used during classes. 

What we already know about BlocoLoco 

What are our conclusions after one year of work in our educational BlocoLoco room?

  • Workshops with blocks were really popular among local schools and kindergartens. The biggest interest was observed before and after Children's Day, Santa Claus Day, in carnival and at the end of the school year. 
  • The English course was the most profit-making service. Because of the character of these classes children could join the groups throughout a school years so there were more and more kids in each group every month. 
  • Although our method of teaching English is completely new and the place is unknown for the inhabitants of the town, English with blocks was very popular from September. The slogan "We build and talk" was also appreciated by adult students who had been fed up with writing grammar tests and wanted to start speaking English in order to become more confident. 
  • As English classes took place in the afternoon, all birthday parties were organized only at weekends. Children were delighted with this new form of playing. For two hours birthday boys and birthday girls could have fun together with their guests – unlike in bigger playrooms where children meet mainly when they eat a cake. At weekends we had a lot of work and our guests often decided to enrol for SIMPLE English course a few days after the party. 
  • Classes during which we did not use blocks were a great addition. 

After 10 months of running the room we already know which plays are the most popular among kids, how to run workshops and other classes in the most effective way, how many children may play freely with given sets, which blocks are best for specific age groups. We just have a practical knowledge about how to run BlocoLoco educational playroom :)

Our experience is priceless! Thanks to this we know much more about our products. We can successfully give advice to all people who want to open such a playroom with blocks – both regarding the venue and the offer. All that we talk about has been checked and analysed by us. 

What could be improved? 

BlocoLoco in Pruszków was a safe, friendly and creative space for young kids. It was full of huge foam blocks of different shapes. 

For 10 months our room was full of life. Both children and adults made new friends. The time when we dealt with this activity was exceptionally valuable. We learned a lot, but we also drew conclusions from bad decisions concerning such activity.  

These are our afterthoughts related to BlocoLoco:

    • Premises. We definitely chose too small room. One room was not enough and did not meet expectations of some parents who wanted to organize a birthday party for their children. They wanted to have a separate room for food and drinks, but tables and seats for parents were located in the hall at the room's entrance. This was not convenient for us as well. Today we know that if BlocoLoco is to offer birthday parties, we must have at least two rooms or big space for food and drinks both for children, and for adults.
    • Reception. We do not have a reception in the room visited by a few dozen people every day, which is very inconvenient for us. This was obviously related to the fact what kind of premises we could afford. Besides, we were present on the spot only during classes and parties. However, now we know that such a place is necessary (even if doesn't seem so). It attracts people, gives them the sense of security and make contact with customers more efficient. 
    • Catering. In the Culture and Sports Centre in Pruszków we did not have a possibility to offer catering, but it would definitely increase profits and make our offer more attractive. Many people asked us about the possibility to buy warm drinks or to whole birthday menu. As we do not have any catering part, we do not have a fridge. This was very troublesome during birthdays as birthday cakes should be kept in the fridge.
    • Time. The room in Pruszków was open only during organized classes and birthday parties. Because of the lack of time and our work in Mammutico we could not become more engaged in BlocoLoco. Unfortunately, this resulted in smaller profit and limited our possibilities of reaching customer who appreciate free, individual play. Many parents who called us were disappointed, because they just wanted to play with our blocks together with their kids, not during birthday or English class.

Call us, write to us, ask questions. We will tell us more about how to organise BlocoLoco room well!