Expert opinions

When creating Mammutico blocks, we wanted to create a safe, friendly and creative space for children and adults. It was then that the idea was born in our heads to create something that would allow them to develop their imagination, creatively encourage the kids to take action and allow them to have unique fun. We wanted the product to be modern and safe at the same time. This is how huge foam blocks of various shapes were created. Unlike any other, allowing you to build a different world in a few minutes, move in time and space ... We are parents ourselves, and what we saw when our children started testing Mammutico was not only a fantastic experience for us, but above all a confirmation that it worked! We have achieved the goal. We have created an ideal (in our opinion) product, which we now want to share with you.


But a good toy is not an ordinary item that parents recommend to each other. A good toy is one that is safe, has received positive opinions from experts and has certain benefits. What? The specialists who have been asked to objectively evaluate our product will tell you about it. Here's what we learned about Mammutico blocks ...


Mammutico blocks as therapeutic support

Alicja Niemierko-Pająk – a psychologist and a family advisor, a fairytale therapist, a promoter of Parenthood through play. The author of a therapeutic book entitled "Matilda goes to school".


"Mammutico™ blocks give children all the benefits of playing with building blocks. They trigger creativity based on releasing natural creative potential, become elements influencing the feeling of personal agency and effectiveness. They facilitate free play which is one of the basic elements of healthy social, emotional and intellectual development of a child (…).

Thanks to their big size foam puzzles engage the whole body and let you practise precision, agility, balance and strength. Using these blocks, children create their own scenarios. Now children may play endlessly as the simplicity of forms can give the blocks any function and meaning. Some structures may also be easily transformed into other and this stimulates flexibility of thinking.

Small weight of individual blocks together with their big dimensions and a possibility to connect them smoothly make it easy for even children with movement disorders to create structures that seem to go beyond their capacities. It is a great form of physical exercise supported by internal motivation, that is a will to play. That is why I believe that Mammutico blocks will also be great as an element of varied forms of therapeutic activities."

Mammutico blocks – a must-have for educators

Magdalena Wierzańska – an educator, a teacher, a coach, a facilitator with many years of experience with children and adults


"Mammutico blocks are creative and, consequently, indispensable for an educator, an animator, a therapist or a physiotherapist. Their texture, shapes, varied sizes, flexibility and lightness give numerous possibilities when it comes to construction, building, experimenting, manipulation with hands or whole body indoors, in a garden or in a pool.  The ease with which the blocks can be used foster the atmosphere of fun, which may effectively support learning processes or therapy (…).

Broad functionality of Mammutico blocks support children in a physical (for example during corrective gymnastics), psychophysical, educational (during sensory integration therapy) or social (during sociotheraphy and culture therapy classes) sense. Mammutico™ blocks are good tools for stimulation of a vestibular system and a sense of touch in case of children and young people. The blocks help children develop their ability to grab objects, sense of balance and coordination of eyes and hands, while creating for example a special route with obstacles for crawling, climbing and jumping.

They are also a great tool for stimulating creativity of adult participants of various trainings as well as a useful gadget for coaches. They will be perfect during a workshop on interpersonal communication, team work, team creation, team management and resources management."

Huge blocks as a tool for sensory integration trainers

Jolanta Papuga – a teacher, a sensory integration therapist and a trainer of social skills.

"Playing with big Mammutico blocks does not only support construction skills, but also develops sensory integration processes. The blocks will be perfect not only on playgrounds and in playrooms, but they may become an irreplaceable tool in therapists' consulting rooms. Sensory integration is the ability to feel, understand and group information delivered by senses. Any dysfunctions regarding this area make everyday life difficult. Sensory therapy is usually a play which is pleasant and interesting for a child and during which integration of sensory stimuli takes place. Walking on blocks, rolling on them or squeezing through them, kids learn to feel the signals from their body and to understand spacial orientation. Besides, softness of the foam has a good influence on the sense of touch, while thanks to non-obvious shapes, play is not easy, but at the same time not too difficult. What is more, soft colours of Mammutico blocks do not distract children's attention, which helps them concentrate on a particular task.

Unrestrained playing with huge blocks spontaneously triggers the process of motor planning, equivalent reactions and coordination. During free play children unconsciously plan each stage of their activity – from energy needed for lifting a block to using it in such a way so as to construct something new.

Playing with each type of blocks helps children practise concentration, because during planning and construction time of focusing on the task is longer. However, Mammutico blocks are better than other blocks, because they additionally teach children to cooperate with other participants of a game.

Mammutico blocks, thanks to their big size and unique shapes, encourage children to do physical exercise, even those who usually avoid any effort. Huge foam elements are so attractive that little ones join the game more willingly than usual. That is why such a creative playground is a fantastic tool which provides adequate amount of movement and practise social skills for children who are usually withdrawn and have difficulties in making relationships with their peers.  

Foam Mammutico are, in my opinion, an excellent form of spending time, and their advantages mean that every moment spent playing with them brings invaluable benefits to the development of a little human."

Mammutico blocks – the main attraction of family gatherings

Artur Moczarski – a chairman of "MOŻESZ” association, devoted to psychoprophylaxis and development of children and young people.


"I have always loved playing with blocks and I believe that it is difficult to find a more developing and creative toy, both on a small and a large scale. During numerous events and festivals organized by the MOŻESZ Association, I observe how great it is to play with Mammutico blocks. Sophisticated elements that inspire imagination and creativity, professional care of the instructors and the safety of playtime mean that we never complain about the attendance at this attraction. And the huge interest of children in Mammutico blocks is only an unspoken opinion that should be followed when looking for good, safe and creative fun for the youngest.”