Color palette

Diverse colour palettte of Mammutico blocks make them ideal for every interior. You may choose soft colours or a crazy multicoloured mix. Depending on the size and type of order we can create individual colouristic sets. If you are interested in mixing shades, contact our sales team.

InSmart, Smart Box, Simple, Perfect, Basic and Miniblock lines we can choose from as many as 6 colours: yellow, green, red, blue, graphite and grey

ForSafetyMat, zestaw Kulodrom, Connect and Aqua you can choose from yellow, green, red, blue and gray.

And for Mammutico Mini line we offer 3 colours to choose from: yellow, blue and graphite.

Choosing colours of Mammutico sets, it is a good idea to stick to the rule of big contrast – children love distinct colour combinations. Colours play an important role in life of each person. The research shows that colours which are dominant in the closest surroundings have an amazing influence on a child's emotional development. This concerns not only babies, but also older children.


And this is how specific colours may influence children's behaviour when they are playing with our blocks.

Red - has the greatest influence on human psyche by increasing appetite. The use of this colour on big surfaces in rooms where children spend a lot of time is risky. On the other hand, properly selected accessories or elements help to keep them in a good mood, especially in autumn and winter. Red is a symbol of life!

Green - calms down, is relaxing for eyes and relieves stress. A proper amount of this colour in a room helps to concentrate.

Blue - this is a refreshing colour which gives an impression of coolness, but at the same time cleanliness. Blue colour lowers blood pressure and calms down. On the other hand, navy-blue shade makes it easier to focus one's attention. No wonder school uniforms are often navy blue.

Yellow - gives an impression of warmth and stimulates activity. It also brings a lot of energy and smile to a room!

Graphite - suggests discipline, independence and determination.

Gray - a calm and non-intrusive colour. As a colour of toys or blocks it helps children to focus on functionality and meaning of an object, not on its appearance.