We currently have 2 sets of SMART 440 "GREAT travel" and one SIMPLE 132 set.

As a play surface, we offer a foam mat in green or a colored tarpaulin. We choose the ground ourselves, depending on the nature of the event.

When you order our blocks, we will bring them to the place, unpack and prepare for play. Packages are large, so we will need your help to move them from the car to the place indicated. Our animator will oversee the booth throughout the duration of the event. Finally, he will pack the blocks and take them with him. It is your responsibility only to provide us with a suitable place with flat ground, where children will have easy access to the blocks. We always ask you to set up at least one chair for the animator, but if you set more seats around the stand, certainly parents of children playing will be very grateful :)

When organizing a place for Mammutico bricks at an outdoor picnic, take into account the weather conditions. If the sun is too harsh or if it is raining, prepare a canopy or a room in a nearby building. Our pads are resistant to weather conditions, but in the heat or in the rain, children will not be able to use them comfortably.


Get to know our Regulations before you decide to rent large Mammutico blocks. 

1. The time of renting the blocks is calculated according to the duration of the event, where the stand with blocks is ready about 30 minutes before the event. If it is necessary to post a position earlier than 30 minutes before the event, the Customer is obliged to pay PLN 30 for each started hour.

2. Mammutico will supervise the blocks throughout the duration of the lease and will run an animation of fun during the hours set by the Customer.

3. At the beginning and end of the use of blocks, the Customer is obliged to provide one person who will help the animator to move and unpack / pack boxes or bags with blocks.

4. The Customer is obliged to prepare a place to play with blocks and work of the animator - to provide a minimum of 20m2 equal space for the distribution of one set of blocks, minimum 1 chair for the animator, outdoor fun to provide a roof or a place in the building during unfavorable weather conditions (rainfall or intense sun exposure).

5. Mammutico is not responsible for the improper preparation of the place for play by the Customer and may refuse to provide the service, if this place threatens the safety of users or animator, and exposes blocks to the possibility of their damage.

6. The rental service will be made after paying the invoice issued by Mammutico (it does not apply to public sector branches, for which payment is accepted up to 14 days after the service).


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