Mammutico SIMPLE BAG

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Strong and durable bag for transporting Mammutico blocks, very useful for safe storage of blocks after the game is over. Thanks to it, your Mammutico SIMPLE set will turn into a real mobile playground!

Each bag is hand-sewn with tight seals at each joint to protect the Mammutico blocks from sun and rain. The top cover overlaps the sides of the bag and is held in place by durable and strong velcro closures.

We have developed an effective method to stiffen the walls of the bag by inserting only 4 blocks. As a result, the blocks can be packed alone. The bag has long side straps, which can be used to carry the filled bag (20 kg) for one person to handle, and shorter ends of the bag for easy carrying by two persons.

The width of the bag is 55 cm, which allows free passage through a standard door.

Bag dimensions: 55 x 105 x 85 cm (W x L x H).

Number of bags needed to pack individual SIMPLE sets:

SIMPLE 40 - 1 bag.
SIMPLE 70 - 2 bags.
SIMPLE 110 - 3 bags.
SIMPLE 140 - 4 bags.

You can also pack other sets of our blocks in the Mammutico SIMPLE Bag:
Kulodrom - 1 bag
Connect 105 - 3 bags
Perfect 160 - 1 bag
Perfect 300 - 2 bags