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These are great foam blocks that in a few minutes allow even the youngest children to re-organize the space around them and build large buildings that seem almost unachievable!


Simple line is the simplest and the biggest form of Mammutico blocks. The blocks from this series have characteristic contour milling which helps to achieve the effect of professional structure and at the same time protects them against breakage.

One block is 10 cm thick. SIMPLE 40 block set includes:

  • 8 pillars (20 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm),
  • 32 bricks (20 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm).

SIMPLE 40 is the smallest set of the new-improved SIMPLE series. The remaining sets are its multiplicity enriched with large windows. 

SIMPLE 40 is a two-colour set. You may choose from 6 colours available in our palette

The set weighs about 20 kg.

The product is recommended for children aged 1 or more.


What does good fun depend on? First of all, playing must be free in order to develop children creativity in a natural way as well as to stimulate their creative potential and motivate them to overcome their own limitations. And if we add plenty of physical exercising and a possibility to cooperate and communicate with others, in a safe and a well organized place, we get a perfect activity! Such enjoyment is guaranteed by big foam Mammutico blocks.

Benefits of playing with Mammutico blocks

According to Alicja Niemierko-Pająk, a psychologist, foam Mammutico blocks, “thanks to their big dimensions, engage a whole body to play, supporting precision, agility, balance and power. Using Mammutico blocks, children create their own scenarios. Now children may play endlessly as the simplicity of forms give the blocks any function and meaning. Some structures may also be easily transformed into other and this stimulates flexibility of thinking."


Possibilities of SIMPLE foam blocks

Mammutico SIMPLE sets of blocks are ideal both at home and outdoors. They make it possible to create a safe and creative play-area for a bigger number of children. Depending on the size of a set big foam Mammutico SIMPLE blocks are perfect for building houses, tunnels, routes, islands, wide fencing and many things which we, adults, cannot imagine.

Using plain foam lumps from SIMPLE sets you can also create various benches, tables and stools. The weight of each element is small, so even the smallest children may actively take part in creative play.




Together with SIMPLE blocks set you will receive a scenario for 20 inspirational plays that may be a basis for creative workshops or animations. The document contains a detailed description of each play, the way of organising it, as well as meaning of all activities. Thanks to this an animator may inspire children to look at a project from a wider perspective, help them to draw conclusions and encourage them to think creatively.

A set of blocks with a scenario is an ideal tool for game animators. The blocks, thanks to transportation possibilities, may be used at various events – birthdays, weddings, First Communion parties, picnics and so on.


Use loose parts to spark children’s creativity and innovation! Our Blocks help unlock children's imagination and curiosity, and turn any space into into a play area that feels so much bigger than it really is!



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