Miniblock 100 - Kostki Mammutico

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Small, smart and light foam blocks may be used for construction, destructions, playing in a bath, as antistress cubes as well as elements used during "snowball" fights!


One cube has the following dimensions: 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm. 

Miniblock 100 set consists of 100 cubes. For a client's request we may create a colourful set if only the colours you choose are available in our magazine! 

The product is recommended for children aged 1 or more. We advise to supervise children during play.


Creativity is an intellectual process. In order to arouse it in children we should mainly give them opportunity to act. As it is knownthe fewer details some toy have, the more options for children imagination and a greater freedom to develop there are. The best example of such toys are blocks – simple, light and pleasing to the touch.


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Foam Mammutico cubes

What is the secret of foam Mammutico cubes? First of all, they are simple. They are plain, single-coloured, with no details. They let children use their creativity and imagination during a game. And imagination, as we know, is unlimited and remarkably vivid. (The only decorative element is a printed logo, which guarantees that a product is original).

Foam blocks on many occasions

Miniblock27 is a set of the smallest elements of foam Mammutico blocks. The elements are small, light and very nice to the touch. Thanks to their small weight they are perfect toys for the youngest children who have a tendency to hit one another with toys or to throw them at somebody. With Mammutico cubes it isn't a problem as they are light as a feather! As they are small, they perfectly fit a small hand of a child who want to build a high tower. And if the structure falls on the floor, it will not be painful for anyone :)

Thanks to the fact that the cubes have been manufactured from waterproof material they will be also great for long playing in a bath! Just put colourful cubes in a bath to create a beautiful, vivid fleet! In a swimming pool, on the other hand, Mammutico blocks may be used during exercises – for example in a competition in which participants have to find elements in water or throw them at some target.

The properties of Mammutico Foam mean that miniblock cubes do not sink, and soaked in water, they stick to each other, as well as to all smooth surfaces. Therefore this set will be an ideal proposition for long baths and water games in the garden!




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